Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beyond Basic Grammar: Improve Your Writing Style

Boost your personal and professional writing skills by adding variety, complexity and sophistication to your sentences.
beyond basic grammar online class
Beyond Basic Grammar teaches you how to improve your writing style. This course focuses on the art of writing and how to develop complex, sophisticated sentences. Learn and practice the skills that separate beginning writers from the more advanced.

What does this course cover?

  • Sentence Structure: Subject & Object Complements
  • Sentence Balance: Parallel Structures
  • Combining Sentences: Coordination & Subordination
  • Fixing Choppy Sentences
  • Shifts in Verb Tense
  • Active/ Passive Voice
  • Shifts in Person
  • Sentence Variety
  • More Sentence Variety: (past participle modifiers, appositives, Relative clauses)
  • Avoiding Vague Language
  • Streamlining wordy phrases & clich├ęs
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