Monday, September 26, 2011

Remembering Vesta Williams

Unfortunate Passing: Vesta Williams

The untimely and mysterious death of Vesta Williams has left her family, friends and fans wondering what happened, and prescription pills are being cited as the cause. According to TMZ, there were many empty bottles in the hotel room where her body was discovered on Thursday (September 22nd).

Vesta Williams was actually 53 years-old, in contrast to her reported 'industry' age of 48. Vesta was best known for her hit “Congratulations.”

It has not yet been determined if Vesta’s death was suicide or an accident, and it is not being treated as a homicide.

With no conclusive details, her death continues to be shrouded by mystery and speculation.

According to the

Vesta is reported to have checked into the hotel with an unidentified man, who is now missing. However death is being investigated as an accident or suicide, not a homicide.

Let's remember her music and remember her well at NeoSoul Rhythms Radio. RIP.